Thila Homam

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thila homam

Thila Homam

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We are still connected with our ancestors though we do not see them When the ancestors are not happy e and if they are not merged the divine light then our family life will get disturbed.

This disturbance will manifest as psychatric issue difficulty to have a child difficulty to get married

Increase in the medical expenses debts and so on.

This is the reason why homam is performed there the divine light is involved so that the ancestors much with the God.


This homam will be done with 8 priests and it is inclusive of all the materials

1. There will be sankalpa in the name of the eldest surviving member

2. Vinayagar pooja, Shiva pooja and gowri pooja will be performed after shodasa upacharam

3. Next is Homam. We will do for the pitrus of three generations both on the father and mother side. Their names will be used in the homam. They are father, grandfather, great grandfather, mother, grandmother, great grandmother of both mother and fathers side

4. According to Indian scriptures there are 28 hell's. They are - Tamisra, Andhatamisra, Raurava, Maharaurava, Kumbhipaka, Kalasutra, Asipatravana, Sukaramukha, Andhakupa, Krimibhojana, Samdamsa, Taptasurmi, Vajrakantaka-salmali, Vaitarani, Puyoda, Pranarodha, Visasana, Lalabhaksa, Sarameyadana, Avichi, Ayahpana, Ksharakardama, Raksogana-bhojana, Sulaprota, Dandasuka, Avata-nirodhana, Paryavartana and Suchimukha.

5. So we will do the homam so that the pitrus who are in these hell's will reach the divine light of God or moksha gati

6. Finally we will offer ahuthis to the navagraha. This thilla homamis different from the thilla tarpanam and those done in rameshwaram

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