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Shani peyarchi Consulation 2022

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The three major saturn transit periods that affect a person’s life, at least in the western tradition, are birth, marriage and death.

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    muthu kumar - chennai

    Shyam was great. His approach to problem-solving is quite unique, and I'm confident that anyone can Consult from him since he can solve any problem. Thank you Shyam sir.

    nisha - mumbai

    He is talented and very honest. Very practical in his approach. He is a natural when it comes to astrology. I highly recommend him ... He is someone you might consider as your family spiritual advisor for all matters relating to health and prosperity.

    Ashok - Chennai

    I got the advice of astrologer Shyam give me good prediction and solve my prod problems using simple Puja and I did Chatur samaroh solved m solved my problems.


    People also ask


    What happens during Saturn transit?

    The three major saturn transit periods that affect a person’s life, at least in the western tradition, are birth, marriage and death.
    However, there is also a transit period which takes place between birth and death that is considered to be relatively important by astrologers. This is called Shani Sade Sati, or Saturn return.


    How many years is Shani Dasa?

    Every 19 years, the planet Saturn passes through each zodiac sign, affecting the horoscope of those that were born before it arrived.
    The Saturn transit is a period of 2.5 years, and is generally considered to be a challenging time in one's life.


    In which house is Saturn now?

    This is because these planets are very influential in someone's sign.The next time that Saturn transits Aquarius will be on April 29th, 2022. The first time it will be where it belongs (in sign Capricorn) will not occur until 2066!


    What is Saturn transit?

    Shani, or Saturn, is commonly called the “dangerous planet.” But this is not entirely true. Shani is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga—the sacred shrines of Shiva—and the God of justice.
    He serves as a judge and decides whether we should be given good or bad karma from our deeds


    what is ashtama shani ?

    Shani is also known as Saturn and he rules over every single planet and zodiac sign in Vedic astrology, which makes him the most powerful planet in the entire universe.
    When one is born under a transit of Mars or Saturn (or Jupiter or Pluto), the individual may experience significant changes in their personality and approach in life.


    What is the transit of Saturn?

    Shani governs hard work, diligence and responsibility, and rules over those who work hard for their money. Shani gives leadership qualities to those ruled by him and helps them achieve success through their determination and hard work that’s why he is a favorite among politicians and government officials.

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